• Aug 14, 2021
  • by E-Business Brain

   When it comes to the favorite element of our wardrobe there are some wears always on standby, whether it be for a simple dash to the grocery store, or a causal outing, and you might be creative enough to wear it on work days, either ways your jeans come in handy, although quite difficult to get your one size fits all, holding on to it for a longer time might just be dependent on how you treat it. However, here is a list of common myths about prolonging your jean lifespan:

1. They need to be in the freezer to be clean: Well, this comes first for a reason, it is believed that putting your jeans in the freezer helps to kill bacteria and keep it clean, in the real sense when put in the freezer it does not kill all because some bacteria survives harsh conditions and also when put of the freezer and put on, the body temperature awakes these bacteria again.

2. Do not wash your jean at all: All kinds of wears need to be washed at some point in time, with no exceptions to your jeans, germs are mostly found on dirty wears, your jeans are supposed to be washed, more details on how to do this below.

3. Buy a smaller size of denim: Nothing should absolutely take away your comfort from you, this myth came as a result of expansion of jeans which only happens when you don’t dry it properly, hence its allowed to wear a jean you can breathe in.

4. Oversized/undersized Jeans should be Worn in a Hot Bath: It is said that when you wear your oversized or undersized jean in a hot bath it will make it into your body shape, however, this like the others is a myth in actual sense to stretch your undersized jeans, sprinkle lukewarm water on jeans to add moisture. this will eventually result in loosening of the threading and enable you to fit inside.

     Now that we have debunked these myths, here are a few tips on how to care for your jeans
1. Wash Less
   It is common knowledge to wear your jean 5-10 times before washing, this of course is true, frequent washing of denim makes it fade out and loose its firmness, when stained you can easily clean it off with a damp cloth, or when it smells you can air it out for a while.
2. Washing
    Eventually there will be a time to wash, when you do wash, turn in inside out and wash in cold water, warm water causes the jeans to shrink.
3. Drying
  When it comes to drying, do not use a dryer but line-dry your jean under a shade to keep the color intact, also leave your jeans turned inside out.

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